Jerry Beckett lives in Essex in the United Kingdom with his wife and two tabby cats. His love of books started at the age of four, soon progressing from Enid Blyton (getting rid of the  Noddy wallpaper) to Alan Garner and Diana Wynne Jones. The list soon expanded to include science fiction and fantasy. Age and (hopefully) wisdom added both the classics and contemporary fiction to the list, along with a continuing love of books for children and young adults.

The bare facts of his existence are:

Name: Jerry Beckett

Location: Essex, United Kingdom

Cohabiters: Gill (wife), Oscar (cat) and Cleo (cat)

Profession: IT Technical Architect (but not doing that right now)

New profession: Author

Loves: Reading, writing, photography, pedantry

Hates: Prunes, custard


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