The Beast is Born

New blog.  New blogger.

My world has changed into that of a writer making the decision to go for it and self-publish. I haven’t always been like that. A few short weeks ago I was determined to hold out and try to get an agency to take an interest in my work. Didn’t happen. Probably never would happen, if I’m being realistic. That doesn’t mean I’m a poor writer. It reflects the state of the publishing industry.

This blog is not all about publishing. It will be about my writing and books as well.  I can’t promise there won’t be a few geeky grammar posts in here. Like most other writers, I have pet hates (and loves), and I know I’m not going to be able to resist posting about them. I’ll keep it positive, though. Rants are not my thing.

I read a fair bit, so you’l get to know about that as well.

So who am I? Jerry Beckett, author of Third Circle, the first volume in the Children of the Moss trilogy. That book is currently in the throes of being published both in print (insofar as any indie author can) and ebook formats. I’ll be blogging about my experiences of doing this, of course. For day-to-day stuff, follow me on Facebook. There’s a link up there on the right.


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  1. Julie

    An achievement in itself. You’re the man for the job! Not many people could even get as far as this.

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